Recovered Energy Technologies

About us


Renewable Solar Lighting

We provide autonomous off-grid solar lighting for

Place safety and security lighting in nearly any location - no underground or overhead wires required! Easily convert your lighting into a communications hub using our optional Wifi, LoRa™ or Bluetooth connectivity. Need a cloud-based air quality sensing hotspot? We do that too. We’ll help you “lose the trench” and help the earth with our simple, low impact installation process.

Our Sustainable Focus

Recovered Energy Technologies is a global leader in solar thinking. We manufacture intelligent off-grid streetlights and are the first company in North America to offer Solar Light as a Service℠ (SLaaS).  Guaranteed to deliver lighting 365 days a year under any weather conditions, we offer the most reliable lighting solutions available – surpassing grid tied lights with no black outs.  We pride ourselves in developing unique programs that set you apart, from the color of your poles to the style of your fixtures we work to get you more than lighting – we get you noticed.

Our lights are modular in design meaning we can apply them in all kinds of applications.

Smart City Interconnectivity

Your RET street light mesh network is a communication highway that can monitor the health of the lighting network, local air quality or a host of other sensor operations. Using a direct internet connection, cellular or satellite and LoRa, we can help you track and monitor a wide range of smart city components.