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The Smartest Most Capable Off Grid Lights in the World

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Right Light in the Right Place at the Right Price

RET smart streetlights deliver the amount of light you need, when and where you need it for all 365 nights of the year – guaranteed. Ranging from 40 watts to 150 watts we have a solution for almost any project that requires superior lighting and all using a renewable power source – THE SUN.


MAXIMUM POWER GENERATION - .Using bi-facial solar panels we harvest the SUNS energy from the top and bottom of the panel. We combine this with MAXIMUM STORAGE CAPACITY and a modular design that allows us to use a wide range of battery sizes. Finally, we used ADVANCED INTELLIGENCE to communicate with, monitor and control the lights.

Exclusive Smart Energy Management Platform

Smarter on All Counts

Our lights are smart! – RET has developed a truly smart off-grid streetlight. Despite the effort we have put in to ensure we harvest the maximum amount of energy and maximize our ability to store the power, we have also developed a Dynamic Energy Management System that pro-actively ensures our lights never go out by managing how that power is used.

Advanced Communication

Lowering the Cost of Ownership

ONall365 streetlights are constantly monitoring their own health and telling us what is going on by pro-actively communicating information back. When connected to the Internet through a RET Gateway, the lights send us alerts and reports on how they are doing. When granted access, you can access this information through your Smart Phone, or from any laptop or computer – anywhere.

Flexible Placement

We are not bound by traditional conduit and wiring so can place lights wherever you need it and at any time during planning deployment or even after the community is built out

We provide a complete Photometric study of your project at no cost

RET Unique Programs

At Recovered Energy Technologies we pride ourselves in bringing you programs that are unique and set your project apart.

Renewable Energy

We generate all the power used to light your streets, boulevards, parking lots, sports courts and more from the SUN. No ongoing power costs and a reduction in your carbon footprint.

Innovative Programs

We pride ourselves in forward thinking. From the technology we use to the options we provide you to fund your project, we will never stop growing and improving our programs.

Our Commitment is to You

We are the manufacturer. We are flexible and adapt to your needs and not the other way around. We focus on you and your project and what you need, from style and color to the performance you need.

$55 Per Month

We can Fund your Project

Solar Light as a Service™ A full funding program for Developers, CDD’s and HOA’s. No up-front costs and complete coverage for the life of the contract

What your $55 Month Buys

It gets you total peace of mind

  • Paid monthly
  • No upfront costs
  • ZERO ongoing electrical costs
  • Guaranteed Light – 365 day a year
  • Total layout flexibility
  • Upgrades & maintenance included
  • Improve green credentials (LEED)
  • CDD & HOA proven

Rapid design and deployment with a team dedicated to you

RET Provides a "Real" Bumper-to-Bumper 10-year Warranty.

“RET provides a 10-year NON-Pro-Rated warranty that means you are fully covered for 10 years.”