Solar Lights

RET Unique Programs

RET Unique Programs

RET Unique Programs

At Recovered Energy Technologies we pride ourselves in bringing you programs that are unique and set your project apart.

Your Color

Sure, we have four standard colors, but with a minimum order we can deliver whatever color under the rainbow you chose.  Another unique RET program to deliver superior lighting that you love.

Your Style

If one of our unique fixtures doesn’t suit your style, and with a minimum order* we will design and manufacture a fixture specifically for your project. 

Welcome to a unique funding program that is a global first in the off-grid lighting business. You can get the lighting you require for your project without any upfront costs. Once our lights are installed, we cover all maintenance; upgrades and repairs and you pay monthly.

Sport Court Lighting

ONall365 Pickleball court lights meet the standards for recreational category II & III  Pickleball of 50 Fc and the uniformity of 2.0